Beverly Farms PTA Meeting

September 6, 2016

Officers Present:

Gabi Massie, PTA President

Chun Dahle, Treasurer

Ellenda Chen, Treasurer-Elect

Dara Johnson, VP Programming

Michael Neufeld, VP Fundraising

Sharon Avrunin-Becker, Secretary

Adam Lee, MCCPTA Delegate

Yunfan Deng, MCCPTA Delegate

Not Here:

TBD, President-Elect

Gabi Massie called the meeting to order at 7:20 pm and welcomed the attendees.


– Words from Gabi on how she became a member of the BFES community

– Introduction of the board

– Dara – let her know if want after school activity and she will research

– Chun – important to fill in reimbursement forms

– Sharon – Upgrade of the Eaglet

– Adam – Training open to all parents not just those on their PTA board 9/10/16 at Blair



Minutes were presented from the 05/03/16 meeting and passed

Committee Chairs

– Nicole Kustner: Book fair and teacher lunches (book fair will be held week of 12/05/16)

– Robin Cooper: Girls On the Run (girls grades 3-5)

– Sandra Yesnowitz: Cultural Arts (Cultural Arts showcase coming up soon)

– Mahrukh Hussain (K-2) and Susan Shankman (3-5): Variety shows (looking at end of

February for shows)

– Sarah Michnick: Room Parent Coordinator (Info meeting on Sept. 27 at 7pm)

– Rachel Kerchner: Club Beverly Farms (6 Saturday nights through the school year)

– Daniel Alcazar-Roman: Science Fair

– ???: Mulicultural fair (in need of a chair)

New this year…

– Tammi Cortez: Parent Volunteers group sign up (During recess, media center, lunch)

– Melissa Feldman: Wellness (Ideas in progress – whole family meditation and yoga


– Swagatika Swain: Spelling Bee (School has been registered)

– Michael Neufeld: Buy Local Initiative (local farm raiser – pickup 10/19/16 afterschool)

– Gaby Massie: Community Edible garden and Nature Trail (volunteers on 10/22/16 to

help build raised beds and trail)

New Principal Welcome Message

– Will speak on hot topics each PTA meeting

– Safety and Security – kids will see video this week (kid version and adult version on

MCPS website), 10 fire drills, 1 lockdown drill, 3 shelter drills, 1 evacuation drill (go to

Churchill in emergency or SAES if Churchill not available because of threat), 1 reverse

evacuation (hurrying to get back in school if threat has moved), drive safely, don’t block

passage ways

– Volunteer Training – ALL volunteers must complete training and answer questions

– Brain breaks – believe in benefit of movement, teachers have freedom to decide when

they want to do it

How you can support us

– Check website for volunteer opportunities

– Support direct appeal fundraisers

– Other fundraising opportunities

Proposed Budget

– Current have 50000+ but lots of un-cleared checks

– Community building programs are not meant to generate funds but to cover costs

– Supplies for teachers and PTA costs

– Budget approved

Delegates report

No delegate report

Important Dates

– Back to School Picnic 9/7/16 5:30pm-7:30pm

– Back to School Night 3-5 9/13/16 6pm-8pm

– Back to School Night K-2 9/15/16 6pm-8pm

– Edible Garden/Nature Trail 10/22/16 9am-2pm

– Next PTA Meeting 12/6/16 7:15pm-9:00pm

8:15 meeting adjourned