Beverly Farms PTA Meeting

December 6, 2016

Officers Present:

Gabi Massie, PTA President

Chun Dahle, Treasurer

Ellenda Chen, Treasurer-Elect

Dara Johnson, VP Programming

Michael Neufeld, VP Fundraising

Sharon Avrunin-Becker, Secretary

Yunfan Deng, MCCPTA Delegate

Not Here:

TBD, President-Elect

Adam Lee, MCCPTA Delegate

Gabi Massie called the meeting to order at 7:30 pm and welcomed the attendees.


– Introduction of the board


– Minutes were presented from the 09/06/16 meeting and passed

Service Employee of the Year

– Ms. Wong submitted for award so please sign to support her

What does the PTA do for you?

Mrs. Balzar explains these:

– Front row and Brain pop – computer programs accessed through chrome accounts for

math and reading; levels the work to the student

– Rapper to come in to rap about Revolutionary War for 5th graders

Gaby explains these:

– Young Audience Arts for learning

– Cultural arts – Joe Romano

– Edible garden and nature path – ready for 2nd grade in spring

– Meet some PTA chairs:

o STEAM night – Sheeja Philip

o Special Needs Liaison – Sarah Michnick

o Spelling Bee – Swagatika Swain

o Multicultural Fair – Orit Almagor

o Family Skate Night – Karen Levy

o Movie Night – Lauren Kline

After School Programs

– Updating website for winter programs

MCCPTA Delegate

– Yunfan reports that last meeting discussed closing achievement gap and

upgrading/updating schools

PTA Newsletter Upgrade

– Moving forward researching new system

Spirit nights and Fundraising

– Farm raiser was successful and doing another one in spring

– More spirit nights to come

Treasurer Report

– Raised $9900 in direct appeal

– Financial review completed

– IRS forms have been filed and sent to Maryland PTA

– We need money so join PTA or contribute to direct appeal ***Spread the word

– Statement: $28287

– Running: $25344

– Last December: $45539

How can you support us?

– Volunteer

– Support fundraisers

PTA survey results

– Reasons why people do/don’t join PTA

– 90% feel the direct appeal should continue

– Cultural Art ideas passed on to chair

– People see no difference between joining PTA and not joining except getting the


School survey Results

Mr. Delisle presents survey results:

– Last survey (2014-2015) vs. Current (2016-2017)

– Overall results went up

– Summarized narrative feedback: Special Education, Communication, Acceleration and

Rigor, and Enrichment and Programming

Board positions

– Recruit for next year

– Need President, President-Elect, Treasurer-Elect

Important Dates

– Spirit Night Attman’s Deli 12/15

– Cabin John Skate Night 12/17

– Family Yoga Event 1/29

– Movie Night 2/4

– Multicultural Fair 2/12

– STEAM Night 2/23

8:50 meeting adjourned