Beverly Farms PTA Meeting

March 7, 2017

Officers Present:

Gabi Massie, PTA President

Ellenda Chen, Treasurer-Elect

Dara Johnson, VP Programming

Michael Neufeld, VP Fundraising

Sharon Avrunin-Becker, Secretary

Yunfan Deng, MCCPTA Delegate

Adam Lee, MCCPTA Delegate

Not Here:

TBD, President-Elect

Chun Dahle, Treasurer

Gabi Massie called the meeting to order at 7:30 pm and welcomed the attendees.


– Introduction of the board


– Minutes were presented from the 12/06/16 meeting and passed

What does the PTA do for you?

Room rentals:

– Spelling Bee, Yoga Night, Multicultural Fair, STEAM Night, Variety Shows, Movie night

Science Fair

Cultural arts:

– Cultural arts (Sandra Yesnowitz; Sarah Michnick) – Smithsonian Discovery Theater ,

Mark Rooney (The art of Japanese Drumming), Maryland Ravens Wheel

Chair Basketball Team

Homework talk:

Your child is struggling with homework, not able to sit for homework, complains about


Garden Community day:

– Fix netting, paint birdhouses, spring cleanup of trail, afterschool program to use trail

Treasurer Report

– Current balance: $27,188.09

– Running balance: $23,620.60

Update Direct Appeal

– Collection seems low but seems to be about the same as previous years

– Gaby explained what PTA dues in beginning of year cover

5th Grade Committee

– Now part of PTA – money collected stays part of 5th grade

– Finale at variety show

– Looking for places to host fundraiser, promotion\transition ceremony reception, pool

party at Regency

Spring Afterschool Activities

– Chess club, care actor, learn now music, MSA, plus a few others

– Add a couple lines to an Eaglet so parents know what they are

– Most start 2nd or 3rd week of April

– Mrs. Cooper can help with signing up kids who might not be able to afford

MCCPTA Delegate Report

– Churchill cluster BOE meeting at Potomac ES on March 16

– Ask BOE member about ES and MS\HS issues

– Proposal to change back to ABC grading for upper ES school

– Want to provide parent portal to ES like MS and HS have

– MCCPTA in discussions regarding county money for education purposes that were

voted on in 2014

– MCCPTA looking for 1 parent to represent the whole area


– Spirit night: Attman’s pulled in about $250

– Farm raiser this spring

– Selling older spirit wear; new stuff coming up soon

– Habit burger March 30

– Cal Tort and Baskin Robbins on same night in May

– Grocery card updates on webpage; clearer to understand directions on webpage

How can you support us?

– Volunteer opportunities – Teacher appreciation week coming up

– Anything you wish to improve? Have an idea? – STEAM night, spelling bee were ideas from

parents that they coordinated and ran

School News Update

Mr. Delisle

– Recess and brain break: working with kids on how to play

– Reframe things differently for next year in terms of coaching the kids with more structure

– Music teacher will be long term sub until the fall

– Losing several support positions and one teacher position – caused by shift to home

school model

– Forms to be delivered sooner regarding classes but not sure how it will happen

– Ms. Oberdorff will move to another school next year as a principal intern; she will be


Board positions

– Need President-Elect and CBF chair


– Communication needs to be approved

– Link PTA calendar with personal calendar

Family Support

– Loss of father of a first grader

– PTA made donation to their GOFUNDME for kids education


– Stop sign outside of school spins in high wind. What can be done?

Important Dates

Variety Show Grades 3-5 March, 12th

Homework Workshop March, 14th

Churchill Cluster Board of Education March, 16th

Spirit Night – Habit Burger Grill March, 30th

Blast at Churchill End of March

Science Fair April, 23rd

8:37 meeting adjourned