Beverly Farms PTA Meeting

March 7, 2017

Officers Present:

Gabi Massie, PTA President

Chun Dahle, Treasurer

Ellenda Chen, Treasurer-Elect

Dara Johnson, VP Programming

Michael Neufeld, VP Fundraising

Sharon Avrunin-Becker, Secretary

Yunfan Deng, MCCPTA Delegate

Adam Lee, MCCPTA Delegate


Gabi Massie called the meeting to order at 7:30 pm and welcomed the attendees.


– Minutes were presented from the 3/07/17 meeting and passed

What does the PTA do for you?

a. Spelling bee, yoga night, Multicultural fair, STEAM night, Variety shows, Movie

night, Book fair, Community Garden, Homework talk

b. Cultural Arts: Dr. Recess, Artist in Residence, Smithsonian Dscovery Theatre,

Maryland wheelchair basketball

Coming Up:

c. Teacher appreciation week

d. End of year picnic – June 8th 6-8pm

e. Garden harvest day (beginning of June/late May)

f. PTA website update during the summer

How can you support the PTA?

a. Volunteer opportunities – open positions

b. Volunteer during lunch time, recess and in the media center. Contact Tammi Cortez.

c. See a need? always here to try new things

Treasurer Report

– Current balance: $21,970.59

– Running balance: $13,835.73

– On target to pass around $8000 to next year

Fundraising report

– Buy local initiative – Farmraiser

– May 10th last spirit night at California Tortilla and Baskin Robbins

– Spirit wear name shirts to be ordered

5th Grade Committee

– Party on last half day of school; most likely at pool

– Buddy benches as gift

– Next year, room parents to head committees; one payment only

– More centralized next year

VP of Programs

– If you have an idea for an afterschool activity, let Dara know

MCCPTA Delegate Report

– Churchill cluster BOE meeting at Potomac ES on March 16

– BOE members answered questions about ES and MS\HS issues

– MCCPTA elections – the new board was installed immediately on April 25 due to special


2017-18 PTA Board

– President – Rachel Kerchner

– Treasurer – Ellenda Chen

– Treasurer elect – Michael Neufeld

– VP Fundraising Co Chairs – Chun Dahle and Lauren Kline

– VP Programs – Dara Johnson

– Secretary – Sharon Avrunin-Becker

– MCCPTA Delegate – Adam Lee

– MCCPTA Delegate – Yunfan Deng

School News – Delisle

– Police to start ticketing for moving violations (ie no seat belts, cell phone use)

– New music teacher completing her PhD after 2 year leave of absence; comes highly


– Reading Initiative – teacher has been hired and will be used to help reduce class size in

grades 1 and 2

– Assistant principal position still up in the air

– Student data profile:

o Give more details than report cards

o Want to see upward trend

o Mail out in June or July

o Start in K and follow through 5th

o Need someone who can help automate the process

o Quick snapshot of how my kid is doing


– Thanks to building staff

– Thanks to Ms. Wong and Ms. Burns

– Thanks and good-bye to Ms. Oberdorff

– Special thanks to Mr. Delisle and his family for a great first year

8:15 meeting adjourned