The PTA’s Green Team has been taking the initial steps in planning and designing our new school garden. Beverly Farms was awarded with a $2000 grant from Whole Foods for the project and has recently received approval from MCPS to begin constructing of the garden.  Our goal is to build a space that will serve as a useful and fun outdoor classroom. The school garden will offer many benefits and learning opportunities to our students and community.  Local schools have successfully integrated their gardens into the elementary school curriculum.  Gardens have been creatively used in a variety of lesson plans, in subjects including math, art, English, social studies, and science. The garden will also provide students with a hands-on opportunity to learn about nature, botany, and how food is grown.

During the first year, the garden will have raised beds containing a variety of edible plants and adequate fencing.  MCPS’s website provides a list of plant varieties that are a good fit for spring and autumn school gardens.  We will also introd Save & Exit uce a pilot program wherein we collaborate with one or two grades to incorporate the garden into their curricula.  In later years, we may add a worm compost bin, water collectors, tool shed, sink, chalk board with seating, fruit bushes, measuring tools, as well as butterfly and native plant varieties.  We also plan on expanding the garden program to other grades.

In order to develop a successful garden program, we would like to work together with parents and our teachers to better assist classroom needs. If you would like to be part of our project, please contact the Green team and garden chair.


Committee Chair

Gabriela Massie