Beverly Farms PTA Meeting

October 3, 2017

Officers Present:

  • Rachel Kerchner, PTA President
  • Judi Hanono-Yaron, President-Elect
  • Ellenda Chen, Treasurer
  • Michael Neufeld, Treasurer-Elect
  • Dara Johnson, VP Programming
  • Chun Dahle, VP Fundraising
  • Lauren Kline, VP Fundraising
  • Sharon Avrunin-Becker, Secretary
  • Yunfan Deng, MCCPTA Delegate
  • Adam Lee, MCCPTA Delegate


  • Rachel Kerchner called the meeting to order at 7:10 pm and welcomed the attendees.


  • Minutes were presented from the 5/02/17 meeting and passed

Word from our principal – Mr. Delisle

  • Introduced new MCPS parent portal
  • Parent opportunity to see what is going on in your child’s classrooms
  • Same system being used in the middle and high schools so data will carry on from year to year and school to school
  • Technical difficulties are happening so will be a soft roll out
  • Can be used for whole school communications

Introductions of Board 

  • Dara Johnson – VP Programming: Liason between school and after school activities; obtains room permits
  • Lauren Kline/Chun Dahle – VP Fundraising: Made $600 on first spirit night; Chuys on 10/16;
  • Farmraiser with pickup on 10/31 but must order by 10/17; Bingo night 3/11 with raffle- can use help asking businesses for donations; new committee for spirit wear
  • Ellenda Chen – Treasurer: Currently have $16,431.96 in bank
  • Sharon Avrunin-Becker – Secretary: Working on revamping the Eaglet and PTA website
  • Adam Lee/Yunfan Deng – MCCPTA Delegate: We give $1.00 to county PTA per adult member and $4.25 to state PTA per adult member; Biggest county hot topic at the moment is finalizing
  • the 2018-2019 to fulfill state criteria and the county is looking for parent feedback

Committee Chairs

  • Nicole Kustner – Book Fair: First week Nov. and will have Doughnuts for Dads and PJ milk and Cookies night;
  • Need new Co-Chair for next year; With the donations the Media specialist wants to create a STEAM based center in the media center
  • Nicole Kustner – Teacher Appreciation Lunches: Staff lunches about once a month; will start with 5th grade and end with K; Food can be dropped off night before or brought to school; Dishes will be returned!
  • Sandra Yesnowitz – Cultural Arts: Already had first author on 10/2 named Marc Tyler Nobleman who discussed the original creators of Batman; will try to have 3 or 4 more assemblies based on budget; Will plan for artist-in-residence in the spring
  • Wendi Colby – Club Beverly Farms: 10/7 will be the first one; $65 for the year; Food, arts and crafts, bingo, Coach Doug, and DJ; Need 30-35 volunteers per each CBF night; K can start in January
  • Gaby Massie – Garden: Clean up day in October; 3 co-chairs; 2nd graders grew radishes last year and it was successful; Will ask other teachers if they want to participate in the garden
  • Other Committees: Skate night, Science fair, STEAM night, Spelling bee, Variety shows, Multicultural fair, Yearbook
  • New this Year: Need a Bylaws committee to have bylaws updated by 12/3; Need Nominating committee to help identify future board members

Proposed Budget

  • Low on funds so have to cut back
  • If enough money is raised then we can put more towards cut programs like cultural art assemblies and teacher funds
  • Already paid for this year: Sponsored staff back to school breakfast, Back to school picnic, contributed to Brain Pop and Front Row subscriptions, permits for rooms, skate night booking
  • Budget was passed

How can you support the PTA?

  1. Join the PTA – reward for class with highest percentage of members
  2. Support Direct Appeal fundraiser
  3. Support other fundraising opportunities: Box Tops, Amazon Smiles, Grocery store rewards
  4. Volunteer opportunities and Open Committee Positions – Playground/lunch,Reflections, K orientation, NAACP rep

8:12 meeting adjourned

Guest Speaker – Dr Mary Alvord; Enhancing Resilience in Children