Club Beverly Farms

Parents and Kids of Beverly Farms… pay attention…you do not want to miss out on the details of one of the most fun nights of the year!!!!  Saturday, May 12th, 6-8 pm, will be our last Club Beverly Farms event of the year and we are blowing it out!!!  We will have so much fun for the Kindergartners all the way up to our graduating 5th graders!!!  Make plans to try to win some awesome prizes playing bingo…we will have yo yo’s, sports balls, fidget spinners, light up spike balls, butterfly necklaces, and much much more!  Dance all night long to the awesome DJ and then take a break at the concession stand, which offers pizza, drinks, and tasty snacks!  Enjoy board games? We have dozens from which you can choose!!!  Want to run or play sports?  Go to the gym for fun with Coach Doug and a new event, The World of Sports, which offers an opportunity to play many different kinds of sports!  For the finale event of the year, we will be bringing back the photo booth!  Take some pics of you and your friends and then go decorate a frame for your photograph in the arts and crafts room!

If you have not signed up yet, no worries!  You can sign up at the door for only $20.00!  Hope to see you there!!!!