Staff Appreciation Luncheon – CALLING ALL KINDERGARTEN FAMILIES! (and anyone else who would like to participate!)

This is it! The final Staff Appreciation Luncheon of the year and my final luncheon as coordinator! Let’s host a staff lunch to kick off summer and express our gratitude to our amazing teachers and staff! We are going to call upon the KINDERGARTEN families to host this luncheon on Friday, JUNE 8th! In case any of our KINDERGARTEN families (or anyone else) need a refresher, each month, I coordinate a Staff Appreciation Luncheon for the ENTIRE faculty and staff. We ask a different grade to “host” it so that different people have an opportunity to volunteer and the food is always different. These luncheons are a great way to show the faculty and staff our support and gratitude. Of course, anyone can volunteer to donate an item, however, we will be relying on the generosity of the specific grade that is hosting.

To make this as easy as possible, please sign up through the link below. You can drop items off at Nicole Kustner’s house (9027 Mistwood Dr.) On Thursday evening, or Friday morning by 10am.You can also drop items at the school. ALL DISHES WILL BE RETURNED. Please just let me know. Thank you for all of your support!! Any questions? Contact Nicole at or 301-943-0182.

To view your sign up page, go to: