Officers Present:
Rachel Kerchner, PTA President
Judi Hanono-Yaron, President-Elect
Ellenda Chen, Treasurer
Michael Neufeld, Treasurer-Elect
Chun Dahle, VP Fundraising
Lauren Kline, VP Fundraising
Sharon Avrunin-Becker, Secretary
Yunfan Deng, MCCPTA Delegate
Adam Lee, MCCPTA Delegate
Officers Absent:
Dara Johnson, VP Programming

Rachel Kerchner called the meeting to order at 7:13 pm and welcomed the attendees.

– Minutes were presented from the 3/06/17 meeting and passed

Word from our principal – Mr. Delisle
– Discussed MCPS curriculum change from 2.0 to something new
– By mid May schools will be notified on which new curriculum has been selected and let schools know which phase of the transition they will be in
– BFES will look at different ways to handle the CES problem because over 50 kids would qualify for special classroom instruction but county only providing funding for one class not two-three classes

Board Member Reports
Dara Johnson – VP Programming: Will start checking regarding shortly regarding Fall programs
Lauren Kline/Chun Dahle – VP Fundraising: Fundraising efforts raised about $10,000 this year; with bingo bringing in $6000+
Ellenda Chen – Treasurer: $33,156.82 current balance in bank; Some funds are for CBF, artist in residence and 5th grade
Adam Lee/Yunfan Deng – MCCPTA Delegate: Election of new leadership occurred; Adam will still be the Churchill cluster rep; any rising 5th grader can sign up for patrol camp; rising 6th graders can start earning SSL hours during the summer.

Committee Updates
CBF – Last one for school year will be May 12; advertising on screen outside main office;
Staff Appreciation – Starts Thursday, May 3 through Wednesday, May 9; will include breakfast one day, one day for treats; one day for gifts from the heart
Book Fair – Going on now!
Picnic – Is Sunday, June 3; Potomac pizza will be there plus trying to get another food place too
Garden – Audobon society helped transfer 2nd grade radish seedlings; Early June will try to have a harvest party for any vegetables that are ready for picking
Year in Review and Thank yous
– Individual thanks given to each committee and to the board and Mr. Delisle and Ms. Swerdzewski
– Board recognized President for all her hard work this year

Nominees for the 2018-19 BFES PTA Board:
President: Judith Hanono-Yaron
Treasurer: Michael Neufeld
VP Programming: Liz Simon
VP Fundraising: Brian Dubin
VP Communication: Sarah Klein
Secretary: Marlan Ky
MCCPTA Delegate: Adam Lee
MCCPTA Delegate: Yunfan Deng
Treasurer Elect: Ami Dworkin
President Elect: ???
– Nominees were voted on and PASSED

Getting involved – Lunch/playground, Media center, Committee openings, New ideas
– Bring back spelling bee
– Develop confidence in children by hosting events
– Let’s Dance Together community event where someone teaches a new dance move and everyone joins in
– Monthly Shining Star event where kids read a story in front of people and receive a badge or certificate
– Fashion Show where kids wear their own clothes but learn to do poses and steps

7:46 meeting adjourned

Guest Speaker – Ms. Carroll Altschuler (Staff Development), Mrs. Liisa Balzar (4th Grade): ways to prevent summer slide because kids can lose 2-3 months of learning; read, play board games, go on history tours, watch educational videos, find math in every day life, and play educational apps; BFES summer site has information and practice by grade https://carrollraltshuler/; School starts earlier in middle school so start practicing waking up early in August; check Hoover website for summer work; practice time management and writing headers on all papers

Dates to remember:
Spirit Night @ California Tortilla & Baskin Robbins Wednesday, May 2
Spring Book Fair Now through Friday, May 4
Staff Appreciation Week Now through Wednesday, May 9
Club Beverly Farms Saturday, May 12
End of Year Picnic Sunday, June 3