Gifted and Talented Program Liason

For current Grade 3 students, they have the option to apply (and be evaluated/tested) to be admitted into the magnet program offered at the regional center for highly gifted students, which is conveniently located at Cold Spring Elementary School....

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Beverly Farms Science Fair [until 2017]

The Science Fair is typically held on the last Sunday of April. Its a fun learning experience for the Kids. Some pictures below from past events. Thank you Volunteers!! None of the PTA activities would be possible without you!    ...

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2018 STEAM. Night – Feb 22nd 2018

WIN PRIZES : Prizes for everyone who completes the STEM Challenge We are looking for volunteers. Please email Sheeja Philip if you would be willing to volunteer to plan/run a table at the event. No experience necessary Thank you! EVENT DETAILS [button...

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